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Didactics is a field of pedagogy that deals with theories, ideas, principles and instructions directed at successful conduction of educational process. Pedagogy as a science researches up bringing and education on a much higher theoretical level than didactics. Didactics uses theoretical models developed in philosophy, psychology and sociology, as well as different pedagogical theories and tenets, and especially theoretical models of teaching and learning. Because of different starting positions and tenets, didactical concepts can be in disagreement or contradictory [1]. Older didactical concepts were directed towards teaching and the teacher, while newer concepts concentrate more on the student and the learning process. Successful teaching requires knowledge of  the student characteristics and learning methods, to which teaching approaches and methods have to be adapted.

Instruction and teaching are also observed from the aspect of communication and as a social process in which students, teacher and wider social environment participate, and in which they use certain communication media which transfer certain educational content and enable social interaction and exchange of information among the participants of instruction.

Pedagogy includes up bringing and education during childhood and adolescence, as well as adult education or andragogy. Didactics is related to the part of pedagogy which deals with the educational process in school and extra-curricular institutions. 

Didactics is usually divided into the part which deals with general patterns, conditions and consequences of educational process, and a special section which usually studies the following areas [1].  :
- goals and mission of education;
- dynamics of educational process;
- social forms and conditions of educational process;
- communication medium in education;
- educational climate;
- communication in educational process.


This section comprises my method of teaching in class. According [2], goals should be set between the teacher and the students from on set with each party having his own part of responsibility to do so as to make the art of teaching and learning a success. This is what I begin by doing with my students, we define the rules, our responsibilies, course objectives i.e general and specific objectives, the program, method of learning and evaluation.

I-1 : Type of lessons :

The term Teaching method refers to the general principles, pedagogy and management strategies used for classroom instruction. Your choice of teaching method depends on what fits you — your educational philosophy, classroom demographic, subject area(s) and school mission statement. Teaching theories primarily fall into two categories or “approaches” teacher-centered and student-centered. However, the method of teaching depends on the type of lesson I have before me. Generally there are two types namely : theoretical and practical lesson [2] .There are theoretical lessons that can last for three hours and others upto five hours while practical lessons can be for upto fives.

I-1-1 : Technique of Teaching :

 Each technique is in function to the type of lesson i have before me to present. The following lessons will give a clear view of the technique applied for each lesson :

I-1-1-1 : Theoretical lesson.

 A general objective relating to the course is being given once at the begining of the year, while a specific objective is given to each new chapter.  I begin every lesson with an affective preambule. This is aimed at creating a friendly and a stress free atmosphere between my students and I. Later, i go straight in controlling prensence and absents of students. Since goals were set right from beginning , my students are aware that they don’t come into class 5mins after I am already in class. Then after I go straight into doing a recall of the past lesson and this is aim at helping the students to remember the past lesson, the method use is questions and answers and also I correct assignment . Then I lunch into the discovery of the new topic of the day, this is done by narrating a story in relation to the topic and later I ask question to students for them to discover the topic. Imediately after the discovery of the topic, I present didactic material to students i.e the organ or part of the subject matter, and students are permitted to touch and get a physical view of it. Then after the specific objectives of the lesson is presented with new vocabulary of the lesson to students and give explanation. The following teaching style is used to spiced up my lesson and render it  less stressful : voice variation, constant control of students activities, ensuring their participation in the lesson by question and answers sessions desplacement in class to draw their attention , some little stories of could be discussed of common interest so as to take off stress and relaxation for about 3 to 5 minutes and then we go back to the subject matter. Constant evaluation is being done according to Bloom taxonomy [3] to test  and validate the  apprehension of students in function of their learning process. I conclude  a theorical lesson with an assignment and a hint into the next new chapter or topic to be discussed in the next class.

I-1-1-2 : Practical lesson :

A practical lesson comprises of the following steps [4] : preparation of the lesson which is generally done at home some weeks before the date of teaching. The teacher here plan better method to introduce his lesson, prepare principal and secondary post according to the availability of the organ, part of the subject matter to be taught. A plan of tools and security measure is also done so as to ensure a complete success to the practical lesson. Next is the presentation of the practical lesson, this takes place in a classroom. Here I used the same affective preamble method as in the theoretical lesson, until the topic of practical lesson is discovered by students. I present the specific objective of the lesson and job description, material (work tools) necessary, safety precaution to be observe while in the workshop, post description and number of groups with a maximum of five students in each group. Then we go straight to the workshop for demonstration with each student dressed in blue overalls and a protective shoe for security measure. Each group passes through the principal post and watch me do a demonstration of the subject matter after which they return to their post of work where they are expected to do the same demonstration and write a report at the end of each practical session. Their report will consist of the following : Material use, diagnostics and results, test and measurements, repairs and proposals. Students then go back to the classroom at the end of the lesson for conclusion and a hint of the next new topic is made. For a good apprehension of a subject matter, a complete theoretical lesson should be scrupulously followed by a practical lesson [5]. 


This section comprises of my experience gotten both negative and positive experience, based on the results of students intergration and their contribution to the society and the economy of the nation.

I-2 : Experience.

 My experience in teaching students of the department of mechanical engineering for ten years has been both negative and positive.

I-2-1 : Positive.

Since there are three types of students in function of learning i.e visual, auditive and both both auditive and visual [6], I had developed more skills in communication reaching all the various types of students, through different methods in explanation like sketches, voice variation, etc. I have also developed patience since there are both fast and slow learners, I have also developed self esteem, confidence and more skills in research since a good teacher must continuosly read and carryout research [7]. I had also learn to be optimistics since I had known students who appeared dull in the beginning yet with some few words of encouragement, they became successful and have became great men and women in the society today. I had also learned to be a model in dressing, my outward look where ever I am since teachers are suppose to be an example and students consider teachers as perfect examples . I had also learned loyalty, humbleness and truthfulness since sometimes I had made misakes and students sometimes discover and tell me in the next class and I had to accept, learn from the mistake and improve. All these have made me belief that every person has a gift that just need to be stair up [7].

I-2-2 : Negative.

You can never be love by everybody,most of my students have been matured men and women and so some have had even to threaten me especially when it comes in evaluation. Some will even go to the extent of making anonymous calls with diverse threats. However all these have built in me courage, love, forgiveness and the heart of a good teacher compare to [8].

I-3 : Results Produced :

I have seen many of my students becames holders of enterprises, job creators, engineers in all works of life, Doctors and Professors of University like Pr Paul Kah in LUT (Lapeenranta Uiversity of Technology Finland) just to name but few. Many of them have became responsible men and women in the society. However some few also who didn’t take it serious are on the streets begging and some have ended in prisons. 


The experience acquired from teaching can never be over emphasize, teachers are the backbones of any nation as they contribute to its essential development. A teacher can destroy a nation and can build that very nation, their remuneration though very small sometimes as compare to what they give out and to other related professions, however it service is  considerd sarcerdocial. Great experience have I have achieved, many new friends have I made, my contribution is felt in the economy of my economy of my nation. The art of teaching is much challenging, goal oriented and the quest to produce the best makes its tasks very demanding. However, all these difficulties have only ended in taking me far better  beyond expection and has made me sit and dine amongst kings. I keep on learning new teaching techniques everyday for example the good and captivating images I have seen from my Pedagogy teacher  in Aspirautura (NEFU).