License Agreement

A prerequisite for publication of a paper in the scientific-methodological electronic journal "Koncept" is a bilateral signing of a licensing agreement. The licensing agreement must be signed by all authors.


1.1. The Author grants to the Licensee a non-exclusive right to use the Work created by him/her (in the form of a scientific paper) in ways pointed in clauses 1.3 - 1.5 of Agreement throughout the term of Agreement.
1.2. The Author guarantees that he/she has a copyright and property rights of the Work transferred to the Licensee under this Agreement.
1.3. The Author grants to the Licensee the right to publish Works in scientific-methodological electronic journal “Koncept” in the form of a network electronic version on the basis of the electronic version of Work provided by Author.
- The Author grants to the Licensee the right to reproduce the Work included in the electronic archive of scientific-methodological journal “Koncept”, including the right to reproduce the Work and keeping its copies in machine-readable form, as well as the right to make sublicense contracts.
- The Author grants to the Licensee a non-exclusive right to use the Work by providing access to a network or local (on electronic media) full-text or short version of Work.
- The Author grants to the Licensee the right to edit and publish the article, as well as to use materials of the article and personal data, communicating it to general public, processing and systematizing, as well as including in various databases, information systems and its subsequent replication across any sales system.

-  The Author grants to the Licensee the right to use metadata (title, name of the author (copyright holder), abstracts, bibliographic materials, etc.) of Works by disseminating and communicating it to general public, processing and systematization, as well as inclusion in various databases and information systems.
1.4. The Author grants to the Licensee all of the above rights without compensation and territorial limitation.


2.1. The Parties confirm that the Author transfers to the Licensee the Work by the time of signing Agreement in accordance with the following conditions:
- The Work is transferred in the form of an electronic document;
- The Work is provided in compliance with the requirements specified in the Rules for Authors of scientific-methodological electronic journal “Koncept”;
- All related tables, figures, pictures, graphics and other components of the Work are contained in the Work;
- The Work is provided by other information and documents required by editors of scientific-methodological electronic journal “Koncept”.


3.1. Licensee makes a commitment:
- to comply with the Author’s copyrights as provided by applicable law, as well as protect them and take all possible measures to prevent copyright violation by third parties

- not to present the transferred Work in parts;

- not to make any changes in the content of the Work after publication without the written consent of the Author, except as otherwise provided in this Agreement;

- to post information about the Work in the table of contents of the electronic scientific and methodological journal “Koncept” on the journal’s website and provide users with access to it under the terms of this Agreement.

3.2. Licensee has a right:
- to ask of the Author to provide any necessary information about the Work and receive it;

- to translate (convert) the Work in the formats used by:

a) Federal bodies for supervision in the field of communications, information technology and mass communications;

b) Federal Scientific Electronic Library

3.3. The Author shall immediately notify Licensee about transfer of any rights on the Work, including its electronic version, to a third party.
3.4. The Author has the right to control the order and terms of the Work use.

3.5. The Author provides the Licensee with the right to store and process the following personal data without time limit: surname, name, patronymic; date of birth; information about education; information about the place of work and position; information about the availability of published works of literature, science and art. Personal data are provided for their storage and processing in various databases and information systems, their inclusion in analytical and statistical reporting, establishment of reasonable relationships between objects of works of science, literature and art with personal data, etc.


4.1. The Author and the Licensee bear, in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, property and other legal liability for failure to perform or improper performance of their obligations under this Agreement.

4.2. The Author is responsible to the Licensee for the accuracy of the information about the owner of exclusive copyrights. In the case of claims by the actual owners of copyright to the Licensee, the Author is liable to proceedings in accordance with the Civil Code and the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

4.3. The Party that improperly performed or failed to fulfill its obligations under this Agreement shall be obliged to indemnify losses caused to the other Party, including lost profits.

4.4. All conflicts relating to this Agreement are resolved by the parties through negotiations, and in case of failure to settle the matter - in court at the location of the Licensee.


5.1. This Agreement is operative as from the day of its signing and will be valid for a three-year term.

5.2. If, one month before the expiration of the above period of time, neither Party notifies in writing of its desire to terminate this Agreement or to alter its terms, the Agreement is automatically extended for another three-year period.

5.3. This Agreement may be terminated ahead of schedule in case of failure by one of the parties to fulfill obligations under this Agreement, with the obligatory warning of the other party not less than 3 months in advance.

5.4. All the appendices to this Agreement are its integral part and are made in writing. Corrections directly to the text of this Agreement are not allowed and have no legal validity.

5.5. In everything else that is not provided for by this Agreement, the Parties act according to the norms of the current legislation.

5.6. The terms of this Agreement and its supplementary agreements are confidential and cannot be made public.