Dear authors!
Payment is made only after the editors inform you that the article can be accepted for publication!
Attention! Choose the right payment purpose!



– Technical costs (for one publication) of an article bearing a relation to section 13.00.00 - pedagogical sciences (included in the HAC List) - 6,000 rubles.
- Technical costs (for one publication) of an article bearing a relation to sections not included in the HAC List - 1300 rubles.

Payment methods

Payment by bank receipt

By filling out this form, you can pay technical costs for publication at your Sberbank branch. If you are registered on the site, then after payment you do not need to send a receipt.


2) Electronic money

Webmoney: E-wallet: R119860196034 or Z415602806405


3) By bank transfer (payment order)

If you need an official ground for making an advance payment to cover technical costs when publishing an article, then you need to report it to koncept, after which an agreement will be prepared. You will need to print it in 2 copies, sign it and send it by mail to the address: 610002, Kirov, PO Box 1887, ANO APE “MTsITO” (one copy will be sent to you back). Be sure to specify the purpose of the payment.

4) Other methods (available in your account after registration) or PAY NOW
: Билайн 

5) Оплатить через Payment via Sberbank-Online 
.doc] / [Instruction.pdf]

NOTE: If the bank informs you that they do not have our essential elements in the database and for this reason they can’t accept the payment, please politely remind the operator that they MUST add our elements to the database of their branch themselves and accept the payment ( Instruction of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation). If even after this the operator refuses to accept the receipt for payment, ask the head of the bank branch (or any senior official) to explain in detail to the uninformed employee how to add our essential elements to the database of a particular branch. 

The Editorial Board of the Koncept Journal has a number of special offers for authors

1. After the publication of 5 or more articles, a Certificate of the scientific journal permanent author is issued for free.
2. All permanent authors are granted the right to free publication of every fifth article bearing a relation to sections not included in the HAC List.