How to publish an article

Rules for submitting articles to the editor

You must get an article up properly

This must be done strictly in accordance with the technical requirements (in .doc or .docx format).
You can send the text of the article and documents only via the personal account of the author.

The article must be accompanied by documents
for doctors and candidates of sciences:
- a copy of the diploma;

for postgraduate students, graduate students and undergraduates:
- copy of student ID card (postgraduate student certificate);

for lecturers, teachers of schools, lyceums, gymnasiums, pre-school and secondary vocational educational institutions, institutions of additional education:
- a certificate of employment signed by the head of the institution.

Rules for reviewing journal articles

- All incoming articles undergo an internal check for compliance with the subject of the journal and the originality of the results, they are checked for plagiarism, and they are peer-reviewed by experts of the journal. We recommend that the authors carefully check the content and technical aspects of the manuscript before submitting the article.
- Reviews are kept in the editorial office of the journal for 5 years.

Rules for publication articles in the journal

- All articles submitted to the editorial office of the journal after receiving a positive opinion and the receipt of a full package of required documents are published within three months (for sections of the journal not included in the HAC List) according to the publication schedule.
- On the first working day of each month, an announcement of the release is published (without posting the full text of the articles). From this moment, the authors have access to a bibliographic description of the article and have the possibility to include it in the list of their scientific papers.
- Full texts of articles are published as they are edited (up to the last day of the month inclusive).
- A prerequisite for publishing an article in the scientific and methodological electronic journal Koncept is compliance with the publication ethics of the journal.

Retraction (recall) of published articles

In case of detection and confirmation of plagiarism, falsification of data or other violations, the article is retracted.
- The article itself remains on the journal’s website and in the, but at the same time on the page where it is posted, it is indicated that the article has been retracted with the reason and date of retraction.
- The initiators of the retraction may be the authors of the article; authors from whose work borrowing was made without proper clearance; editorial board; any journal reader who has discovered a violation of the journal’s code of ethics (via the "Write a complaint" service).
- The retraction procedure is performed within 5 working days.
- After recalling the article and posting relevant information on the journal’s website, the editorial office sends an official letter to the RSCI.
An example of a retracted article is on the journal website and on the site

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