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The increase in the number of suicide attempts among adolescents requires us to work out the measures for early prevention of the risk of suicidal behavior. The relevance of the article lies in the search for effective methodologically grounded ways of psychological prevention of suicidal behavior among adolescents. The purpose of the article is to present the author's approach to reducing the risk of developing suicidal behavior in adolescents by means of the resource state training "Emotional stability". This approach is based on the integration of several theoretical and methodological ideas: the concept of A.G. Ambrumova and V.A. Tikhorenko on maladjustment in conditions of microsocial conflict as the reason for the formation of suicidal behavior; understanding the University resource states 20.35; method of socio-psychological training as an effective method of organizing psychological work with adolescents. The training is based on the key idea of teaching methods of self-regulation and actualization of resource states. On the basis of the above-mentioned ideas, a series of trainings on resource states was designed as a way to prevent suicidal behavior in adolescence. The article presents the results of the training "Emotional stability" testing in work with adolescents aged 14-17 years with different risk levels of developing suicidal behavior. Based on the results of testing, the training has proven its effectiveness for the early prevention of suicidal behavior in adolescents. The materials of the article are significant for practicing psychologists working with different categories of adolescents.